Welcome to Helix Controls
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Unfortunately, due to Covid related supply chain shortages, we are forced to close Helix Controls, LLC.

We are filing forms to close by the end of the May 2023 , or as soon as possible after 5-31-2023.

We are transitioning to DBS-1000 repair business that updates and repairs DBS-1000’s, and sells replacement Temperature Probes & upgraded DBS-1000 software, as well as Helix Radiant Heat Panels and Heat Tape’s.

We are disabling the Shopping cart, If need help or have questions, or want to order products, you will need to Call Jeff at 760-726-4464, Call anytime, my cell phone is linked to the Helix office phone, If I hear it ring, I’ll answer. All calls are logged, so If I miss your call I will call you back.

About our products

We were the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality proportional thermostats and environment control systems.  Helix Controls, LLC. was founded in the early 80’s and has since become renowned for product integrity, and “after the sale” customer care. 

Reptile Breeders, Zoos, Aquariums, and Animal Preserves, world-wide depend on Helix Control’s Environmental Control Systems to provide many decades of accurate, reliable temperature regulation and monitoring throughout their collections and inside their egg incubators. 

Animal hospitals recommend, and use Helix Controls, LLC.’s systems and products to provide stable and safe post-operation recovery environments. Professional level captive animal husbandry begins with a professional level Helix Controls System.

Helix Controls Systems and products are routinely used to help successfully recreate and maintain nearly every type of environment needed for keeping & breeding all types of exotic animals, snakes, lizards, turtles and tortoises. 

Many Zoos and Avian Sanctuaries also rely on Helix Radiant Heat Panels and DBS-1000 thermostats to optimize environments for exotic and endangered birds of prey (raptors), as well as in their tropical bird collections. Helix products are even warming a collection of Apes, and a variety of other warm blooded mammals.

Safe and dependable warming for your pet has never been easier, the DBS-1000 and Radiant Heat Panels can be used for almost every animal heating need. We also offer 4 sizes and wattages of Heat Tape, and other products and accessories tailored to your reptile’s environmental needs.  We look forward to exceeding all your expectations. Your environmental control system satisfaction is our #1 goal.