Radiant Heat Panels

Radiant Heat Panels

Heating Panel Installed

These Radiant Heat panels are designed to mount above the animal in the ceiling of the cage.  They also work well mounted behind a bird’s perch in cooler climates. They have one radiant surface, and they are sealed from the factory. The Radiant Heat Panels have a “lifetime element” and a “safe limited surface temperature”. Direct contact with the one radiant surface will never burn you or your animal (even at full power), and they are easy to connect through small holes in your cage’s walls featuring a High Quality Detachable Clam Shell Plug.  Helix Radiant Heat Panels carry a 7 Year Limited Warranty when used with a Proportional Control System. (We have many reports of panels in use for 35 + years, and still going!) A control system such as DBS-1000 is needed when RHP’s are used in enclosed environments. Each Panel comes with Instructions sheet, and a Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware kit.  More Info


Note: Shipping is charged separately on the Heat Panel orders, and on all combined product orders, We will contact each Panel customer when we have their Panel Orders boxed up, and entered for exact shipping quotes. We pass on the majority of our Fed Ex shipping discounts. No boxing fees, or Shipping Material costs are added to Helix Panel sales orders, they are all included.  We try to maintain Panel stock in house to avoid shipping delays. Panel Orders are at an all time high the last few months. 

Note: Pandemic Related Supply Chain Shortages, and Component Cost Increases have jumped 40% and are impacting Helix Panel production rates. Helix retail/wholesale costs are forced to increase accordingly. So, get them while the Prices are still good !!!  If your “Panel Need Schedules” are tight, you might want to contact us for current available “in stock” quantities prior to ordering on line.  

Heads Up! Helix Panel pricing was 6-7 years old until now, April 2022.

(Unfortunately, further price increases are expected by JUNE 2022.) 

Mini panel, Approx. 28 watts, 11″ x 11″ x 1.5″   $108.13     Buy Now
Small Panel, Approx. 65 watts, 11″ x 16″ x 1.5″   $123.13    Buy Now
Medium Panel, Approx. 109 watts, 11″ x 30″x 1.5″   $139.49   Buy Now
Large Panels, Approx. 162 watts, 11″ x 40″ x 1.5″   $148.64    Buy Now