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The DBS-1000 is an Advanced Temperature Control System for accurate and stable temperature regulation. The DBS-1000 is a key component in providing for the ultimate health and comfort of your animals 24 hrs a day.

  • Simple and Easy to use, “Program” or “Check” the desired temperature set points using just one button.
  • Desired temperature Set Point values are stored in a type of memory that keeps stored values, even if the AC power is interrupted.  Second temperature set point accessible with optional triggering device.
  • Highly Visible LED display always shows the current probe temperature, even across the room or in the dark.
  • Advanced “Smart” Software customizes and constantly updates a new heating profile (Algorithm) for each and every set- up configuration, providing the most accurate and stable temperature control possible.
  • Internal self-checking system monitors 8 points for problems, provides error codes to assist trouble-shooting.
  • An internal fuse is provided to protect the system against accidental overloading, but more importantly it protects your animals and property. Safety failsafe circuits and software ensure safe, reliable performance.
  • Customer replaceable 48” Probe, less that 0.25” sensor diameter. Probes up to 12’ are available by phone.
  • Highest Quality UL listed and “Industrial Grade” components are used for unsurpassed reliability, even under extreme temperature conditions. R.O.H.S Compliant (Lead Free), 100% solid state, and made in the USA.
  • The DBS-1000 is backed by an industry-leading 7 Year “Parts and Labor” Warranty. (See instructions for details). Low Cost Factory Repair and Re-certification is always available for all Helix Control’s Products.
  • Measures and controls temperatures safely, with the accuracy and dependability you have come to expect from Helix Controls, Inc.


Standard Cord:

The DBS-1000 thermostat with standard cords is the option most widely used by pet owners, as most commonly used heat sources do not have a grounded power cord and therefore don’t require grounded cords on the thermostat.


Grounded Cord:

The DBS-1000 thermostat with grounded cords is typically used for any heat source with a grounded power cord.  The grounded cord option is primarily used with metal racks that utilize a heating device comprised of Mylar heat tape wrapped in aluminum or sheet metal.  Also, some cages and rack systems use a heat cable with a grounded power cord.


Night Drop Controls

Used for simulating a drop in temperature at night.  Each DBS-1000 has a two temperature capability with full set-point range for each mode.  All that is needed is a night-drop trigger device.  We offer the following two types;  The Photo Electric Control Module which changes the set-point according to light changes, and the Appliance Timer Adapter Cord which changes the set point according to the programmed time.



The Helix DBS-1000 has a customer replaceable probe that is made with a digital sensor instead of a Thermistor.  Helix Digital sensor offers superior safety features. They are never able to wander or be inaccurate due to probe conductor damage which can cause a Thermistor based control system to overheat or under heat intermittently.


Acrylic Stand

DBS-1000 on Acrylic Stand on Cage

The Helix Acrylic Stand is angled approximately 10° and can be mounted to angle back for lower cages or forward for mounting on cages at eye-level or above.

Each DBS system comes with an Acrylic Stand.


DBS-1000 Standard cords, Standard  Range 65-110F, 139.95, with $6.00 usps priority shipping, total=$145.95 Buy Now
(2)DBS-1000 Standard cords, Standard Range 65-110F, 139.95+139.95+12.65 usps priority shipping=total $292.55 Buy Now

DBS-1000 Grounded cords, Standard  Range 65-110F, 146.95, with $6.00 usps priority shipping, total=$152.95 Buy Now


DBS-1000 Standard cords, Low Range 40-100F, 139.95, with $6.00 usps priority shipping, total=$145.95 Buy Now
(2)DBS-1000 Standard cords, Low Range 40-100F, 139.95+139.95+12.65 usps priority shipping=total $292.55 Buy Now

DBS-1000 Grounded cords, Low Range 40-100F, $146.95
DBS-1000 Standard Cords, Low Range 40-100F, Combo with T/C   &  N/D, $157.95 (saves $7)
DBS-1000 Grounded Cords, Low Range 40-100F, Combo with T/C  &  N/D, $164.95 (saves $7)
DBS-1000 Standard Cords, 65-110F Combo with T/C  & N/D $157.95 (saves $7)
DBS-1000 Grounded Cords, 65-110F Combo with T/C  &  N/D $164.95 (saves $7)
Night drop trigger devices sold separately…
Appliance Timer Adapter Cord is $25.00
Photo-electric Module is $31.00
Standard length 48″ replacement probes: $25.00

Extended length probes are available by special order and are $1.00per foot over 48″ up to 9.5′.

 Acrylic Stand. 

Additional Acrylic Stands can be special ordered for only $3.75 each.